Why Are People Evil?

How can there be a God when so many people are doing such evil things? Click to get non-denominational and non-preachy answers.

Why are people evil?

How to be Happy Alone | The Most Evil People 

First we must recognize for the most part that people are just people – it is the things that they might do that are evil. So why would a person do an evil thing? There may be many reasons, but mostly people do evil things because they suffer themselves in some way. A deep understanding and recognition of why people do evil things is actually what we need in order to understand God. We can then learn to handle the evil acts of people in a way that will bring us happiness and that will actually make us closer to God.

Why are people evil?

why are poeple evilMost suffering in the world comes from not being able to live and be happy in the present moment. It comes from remembering unpleasant events in the past and projecting negative outcomes in the future. Many power-hungry evil acts of people are caused simply by a  fear of dying. By causing others to suffer, they might feel as if their life is better and with more purpose. For the most part, these are people that do not understand they ways of the universe and the ways of God.

In order to have peace with both God and the question why are people evil, you must understand, accept, and actually forgive evil people of their suffering and know that their evil stems directly from their suffering.  Regardless of your religion, you would likely agree that the teachings from your religion encourage you to be nice to your enemies. This is because it is the only way to stop people from doing evil things. When evil is done to counter evil, the circle of suffering and hatred remains and leaves room for more evil.

Also regardless of your religion, you probably agree that God allows us to enjoy life with free will. We are obviously not God’s puppets. It is up to us to both understand and reduce evil in this world by our own actions – by our understanding of “being” itself.

In order to understand God, you first must understand people.

why are people evilSometimes this concept is explained as horizontal and vertical theology.

Horizontal theology helps us to understand the things around us - the material world in that we live. This does not only include people but it also contains animals, insects, plants, and even rocks, for example. Some of these things around us can be hurtful or cause pain and suffering to others. Vertical theology, on the other hand, is about God and the spirituality that is all around us.

Many people try to believe in (and love) God, but are terribly disappointed in the actions of horizontal things. They do not understand how, that if there is a God, why would there be so much evil allowed in the world. This thought process seems logical and it unfortunately takes peoples belief away from the beauty of God. This way of thinking leads to unhappiness, doubt, fear, and even depression. I must admit, my own perfect lack of understanding for the things around me also kept me from being close to God. The question that bothered me the most was, “why are people evil”.

In order to get closer to God and the understanding of God, we must actually get closer to and learn to love the things around us. We have to completely accept and establish deep links with these horizontal things. If we can’t find love for and get in touch with people, then we will not be able to touch vertical theology. We will not be able to find love for and understand God. Our ability to love and understand God is limited by our ability to love and understand people and the things of this world. This includes all people, including the evil things that they might do.

Many people are shocked to hear this subject explained in this way, but often hits the nail right on the head when it comes to what might be separating one from loving God. Now that you are aware of these things, I challenge you to quest after a deeper understanding of loving and having compassion for those that you consider your enemies. It will help you to deal with and understand the entire “why are people evil” subject in general.

Why are people evil? | Practice to Touch Horizontal Theology

why are people evilLove your enemy. The bible, for one example, teaches it as one of the main things to strive for in life and as the key to being happy. You must understand that evil people make you suffer only because they suffer. When you start seeing things in this way, you will start to understand compassion for the evil people that are doing bad things, rather than feeling hate or anger. You will begin to understand people. You will begin to understand God.

Another thing that will help you understand why people are evil is that people themselves are not actually evil, but rather it is the acts that they do sometimes. Every person is capable of doing both good and evil. If a person does something evil and we respond with more evil, the chain will never be broken. If a person does something evil and we respond with something good, however, we give that person an opportunity not to be evil anymore. This can be quite satisfying to practice in very simple and common situations in life and leads to deep and lasting personal happiness. It leads you to understanding why people are evil. It leads you to God.

Why do people choose to do evil things? It is because they are suffering themselves. Understand this and love them. Those poor and ignorant people that do such bad things…. they do not know that when they make others suffer they only suffer even more themselves. They are on the wrong road to living an abundantly happy life. Respond with understanding and it will help both you and your evil offenders.

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7 thoughts on “Why Are People Evil?

  1. jan

    You know please don’t write such crap. People are evil because that is who they are. There are people who have everything in life, quite blessed yet are arrogant and mean. They are not hurting in anyway and don’t give me a 3 dr century BC crap of love your neighbors.
    Evil Exist and the only thing you can do is stay far far away

    1. Ant

      I think you are right on the target. This is something I struggle with. Loves those who are evil? Really? Ive had somebody who is evil in my life for 30 years and continues to manipulate within the walls of evil. Its taxing just being in there presence.

  2. Shelly

    Yea… I have to agree with Jan. You don’t respond to evil with goodness. That only teaches evil people that it pays off to be evil because you’re rewarding them. You can forgive them, but that doesn’t mean you stick around and let them do harm again. The correct response is to stay the hell away.

    And no, people don’t have to forgive others if they don’t want to. I don’t understand why you write that people must forgive others. No they don’t.

    I think this article is misleading and can do more harm than good to others.

  3. Lawrence

    People are inherently evil. You don’t reward them by forgiving them. People will always be evil. It is genetically impossible for people to be good. They are hard-wired to be evil. There is no god, just evil people. Anyone who believes in anything good in this universe is just fooling himself.

  4. Alex

    You ppl who left comments are so unbelievably stupid it’s insane. Especially jan and those who agreed w her. This whole idea of why ppl are evil stems from ignorant comments like yours. Proof that evil acts often come from ignorant ppl. You are so stupid. That’s why u r still here alive on earth cuz whatever god is like… “I’ll give u another chance to not be stupid.”

  5. Neuro

    i’ve tried being nice, but evil people are everywhere… from family members to “friends”… watch yourself! and yes, stay away from them… keep those who you trust, love and have your back close, there arent that many… not a day goes by that I see evil… wished i could go back to my innocent/naive life of college where i was oblivious how cruel the world is… i hate you all! except those special people i hold dear.

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