How to Tell if Someone is Evil

How to Tell if Someone is Evil

How to spot evil people. Understanding the traits of evil people.

Why are People EvilThe Most Evil People | Evil in People

How to tell if someone is evil | What is an evil person?

how to tell if someone is evilIt helps to understand that in  many ways it is indirectly incorrect to say that someone is evil. It is more correct to think along the lines of “people are capable of doing evil”. In trying to find out whether someone is evil or not, it may be more useful to figure out just how much evil they are capable of. Keep this in mind when you try to figure out how to tell if someone is evil or not. How much evil are they capable of is a better question.

How to tell if someone is evil | The fruits of their labor

Right away, if you suspect that someone might be an evil person, look at their surroundings. What do they do for work? Who are they married to or who are they hanging out with? Are they happy? People who do evil things are often avoided or deserted by good people and mostly find themselves in the midst of other potentially shady characters. These clues are often quick giveaways when trying to tell if someone is evil or not.

How to tell if someone is evil | Indifferent when others suffer

why are people evilWatch out for people who could care less when other lives are effected in extremely negative ways – such as things you might see on the news. It is true perhaps that some people just deal with the stress of other peoples extreme misfortune by not talking about it – but you will be able to tell quickly if someone you know could totally care less about things like entire families suffering greatly. It is pretty safe to say that if someone you know expresses sympathy for such a situation that they are not evil (or capable of doing much evil). To hear someone say, “well no one would care if it were me so I don’t care” – is not a good sign.

All of this is not to say that those that are unhappy when others do well are all evil, however. People that become unhappy when others thrive are often suffering and afraid of their own situations. This “hater” attitude is not necessarily a sign that someone is evil – just perhaps a sign that they are not happy.

How to tell if someone is evil | Satisfaction from making others suffer

evil people are not happyThe most diabolical and a dead giveaway in how to tell if someone is evil is if they actually seek happiness by causing others to suffer intentionally and receive joy from that knowledge. These extremely unhappy, power hungry people are extremely afraid of death and they hunger for power to make them feel more alive and as if their life has more purpose than just to get old and die. They seek being happy from such acts but of course it never works. They remain unhappy and they often resort to yet more evil acts. This personality trait is a big red flag when trying to tell if someone is evil.

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