How to Deal With Evil People

How to Deal With Evil People

Why are People Evil | Evil People Quotes

Avoidance is the obvious choice, but we all know that it is not always available to avoid evil people. Other ways to deal with evil people in your life is by not empowering their evil ways, avoiding arguments with them, and finally by breaking the cycle of evil.

how to deal with evil peopleHow to Deal With Evil People | Do not empower them

If someone is acting in an evil manner toward you, and it visibly bothers you, then you can probably expect that person to continue acting that way toward you. It takes a strong person (mentally) to be an emotional rock and not react to someone who is pushing your buttons, but it is a sure way to make them stop. Evil doers are generally lazy and will give up the now-difficult effort of making you upset. After all, why allow evil people to live rent free in your head?

By letting these things seemingly roll right off you, now there is no longer any power in their evil ways. A dog who no longer has teeth does not do damage any longer when it bites.

why are people evil and how to deal with themHow to Deal With Evil People | Avoid all unnecessary arguments

Stop getting into it with evil people. Just don’t do it. Keep changing the subject or simply don’t answer. This can always be done nicely – which is always the best choice for dealing with an evil person. Sometimes when people start spewing a bunch of negative and evil garbage at me I just lean back and give them a friendly smirk. It makes them feel silly after a while for being so negative and they will eventually stop. This reaction won’t work as quickly as “not empowering evil people” as described above but it certainly works just fine over time on its own. Expect them to keep coming at you from time to time with negative and even hurtful things – but just keep smirking at them.

Expect a few last-minute button pushing attempts on behalf of the evil person and then the action will cease. It’s a beautiful thing to watch unfold.

break the cycle of evilHow to Deal With Evil People | Break the cycle of evil

If you are strong enough to really analyse the situation with no emotion or concern for yourself, you will soon see that people are being evil to you because they actually suffer quite a bit themselves. With this understanding you can actually learn to feel bad for these evil offenders and try to make things better for them. This makes both you and the evil doer both happy.

The alternative is to do evil back to the evil person and you will both now be unhappy and evil. You decide.

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