How to be Happy Alone Forever

How to be Happy Alone Forever | Forever is a Long Time

Did something traumatic happen in your life to where you wish to be alone forever? Was it the death of a loved one? The betrayal of someone who you once thought was your soul mate? Was it one more relationship that just didn’t seem to work out again?

If you are thinking in terms of “forever” then you must be very upset. I just want to say that I’m sorry and that I understand – I’ve been there. Everything is going to be OK. We will get you back on track to happiness and fulfillment soon.

For now all I ask is that you do not think of the future in such desperate terms. Negative future projections of ourselves are often totally inaccurate and can cause a ton of needless suffering. It can sap away any chance that you have of ever being happy. You can end up dooming and limiting yourself needlessly.

how to be happy alone foreverSo please do not think in desperate terms of forever. Just concentrate on becoming happy in the present and do not upset yourself with negative thoughts of the future.

I know you are upset. Let us take some time to get you healed a bit before we go making such eternal and binding decisions. Now is probably not the time for that.

How To Be Happy Alone | How To Be Happy Alone Quotes

How to be Happy Alone Forever | Learn These Simple Steps to Happiness

happy alone foreverOK, now even though you are upset I am going to give you some tasks to do. Eventually, they will make you very happy. For now just work with me a bit. Get back together with friends and family. I want to see you communicating and spending time with one family member and (in addition to) one friend a week. Whatever it is. Golf, tea, a walk, lunch… whatever. Schedule these weekly.

Now you have two things to do a week. It’s OK if you take the easiest route and choose one friend and one family member that you get along with the best. Perhaps now is not the time to repair sensitive relationships anyway. Still, you have to get out there and be social. It is a major key to happiness. Even if it does not make you happy to be with these people it might make them happy. Making others happy is a secret to quickly becoming happy yourself. Text the family member and friend of your choice right now and plant the seed for a get together of some (any) sort.

how to be happyNext, buy a pet. To be happy alone, you need someone to talk to – even if they don’t say anything back. If you don’t have time to take care of a pet then get a goldfish or a turtle. This will give your life simple structure and purpose. It’s a healthy was to start being happy again.

Lastly work on yourself a bit. Go to school. Take an online class. Read self-help books on happiness, Christianity, or Buddhism. Take walks. Eat well. Learn to cook awesome things for yourself and schedule these solo cooking sessions twice a week. Do things in which you make personal progress. Become healthier, sharper, and smarter. Live in the present and enjoy the process of mastery.

Starting these simple steps will help you to live in the now and really appreciate life. The storm clouds over your head right now will give way to sunlight. The cotton surrounding your emotional vision will clear. You will become sharp and healthy.

How to be Happy Alone Forever | Accept the Possibility That You May Not End Up Being Alone Forever

happy foreverOK, so you are on your way to being happy alone forever. Good work! I’m proud of you and I would love to hear from you.

Allow the forever part to drop away as time goes on. It is not your place to insist on such a forced future.

Let the future play itself out by concentrating on the present. Hang in there and enjoy every sweet breath of life.

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