How Can I Stay Happy

How Can I Stay Happy

Quickly learn how to hold on to those special happy feelings as they come and go. Take these simple steps to prevent from reverting back to life’s typical unhappiness. It’s easy, start right now!

How Can I Be Happy | How Can I Be Happy in My Relationship

how can i be happyThere are three things that you can do right off the bat to set up a future in which you stay happy. First, you must learn appreciate every simple moment, so when the future comes you will enjoy that too. Next, become a goal oriented person in where you make progress in areas that are important to you now and also will make you happy in the future. Finally, you can stay happy by treating other people in a manner that will provide future happiness others as well as yourself. This will lead to your own future happiness as well as others.

How Can I Stay Happy – Enjoy the moment

If you feel happy now, but do not identify with the simple things around you at the same time, your happiness will not likely last. Take the time when you are happy to enjoy everything around you. Look around and name 10 things that are providing comfort and pleasure. Is there a cool breeze (in summer) or a warm draft from the heater (for winter) to bask in? How is your chair as you sit at your computer – is it comfortable? Do you have a glass of water close by so you can feel the quenching comfort of the life-giving liquid as it slides down your throat?

how can i stay happyPerhaps you are in a coffee shop or an airport right now – think of the life energy around you and of how attractive the young people are. Sit back, take a deep and enjoyable breath, and just be happy about life for a second. Are you relaxed? Remember this relaxed feeling in which you are conscious of everything around you at this very moment. How do you feel?

This exciting feeling can be brought back just about anytime you wish. just think about the very moment and take in what is going on around you. Enjoy every breath, taste, feeling, sound etc. You can be happy by not concerning yourself with the past or the future but only by what is important right now.

How Can I Stay Happy – Improve yourself in one or more areas

how to be happyThe best thing you can do for yourself in your quest for life fulfillment and how can you stay happy is to go to school, learn a trade, or get better at your current trade. Make a goal to spend an hour a day (more is even better) in self-improvement. The results of such things lead to high self esteem, a sense of well being in where you can take better care of yourself, and the comforts of increased wealth. How fun and comforting would it be if your salary went up over the next few years at sometime. Start right now and move toward a set up in the future that can make you happy.

Be sure to enjoy the process as you improve. There is an old saying, “before enlightenment, chop wood and carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood and carry water.” Therefore we must make sure to enjoy our happiness as we work toward our goals. Get your brain moving and appreciate the feeling when you learn a skill or something academically useful. At all times review and stick to the first step of how you can stay happy in the present moment as you travel along with this second step.

How Can I Stay Happy – Treat others with respect

stay happyYou want to be happy right now and stay happy later? You can do this simply by being good to others. Help them along in your new class even if it means less recognition for you. Sacrifice for no reason other than to be nice. Be like the US Navy Seals (or any global special ops team) and “leave no one behind”. Forgive others of their evil actions by grace and for no other reason. Let go of old rivalries. The past is not reality anymore.

You can stay happy when you know that people that do evil things to you only do so because they are suffering. Do your best and help to stop that suffering, rather than just being evil back to them. You may even help others stay more happy – in which case you will become even more happy. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Go to sleep at night with a smile on your face – knowing that you did all you can to make this world a great place for those around you.

How Can I stay Happy – Summary

I gave you a lot to do to try to stay happy and maintain a general feeling of well being. Get out there and do your best and be sure to enjoy the process along the way.


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