How to be Happy Alone

The answer to  how to be happy alone might be quite simple, actually, and it might depend on why you are searching for answers. Did your spouse or a very close person to you just pass away? If so, my condolences, I do have some comforting and helpful words for you in this article. Did a relationship terminate because of your actions or the actions of your former partner? What I’m going to write will help with that too. Is it because you just can’t seem to find someone to suit your expectations and you fear that you may have to resign to being single for the rest of your life? I’ll cover that as well.

You CAN be happy alone – and I will provide you with some tips – but please… do not limit yourself to a life of loneliness. Consider that one day you just might not end up alone anymore. Keep an open mind.

How to be happy alone | You shouldn’t be alone

how to be happy aloneIf you want to know how to be happy alone, you might not be asking yourself the right question. Being alone is not a good idea. Lack of social interaction can easily lead to depression and other unhealthy mental states. The most severe punishment to most prison systems is solitary confinement.

Look, I don’t mean to sound insensitive. You probably did not have had a choice when you became alone and I understand that. It is now up to you though (when you are ready) to figure out how not to be alone anymore. Look to do that instead of trying to turn “being alone” into a happy thing. Fortunately, the road from being alone to not being alone is much easier and more pleasant to travel than you think.

How to be Happy Alone | You don’t have to be alone

First off, twice a week, surround yourself with friends or family. If you don’t have friends or family that you can possibly spend time with then I will cover this. Otherwise, go have a coffee or tea with a relative once a week or the like. Offer to babysit for a relative or close friends. Golf, walk, or play tennis, for example with an old workmate etc. Try to schedule two things that happen regularly. This will give your personal time more structure, even when you are not on these visits.

You will find that there will be significantly less thought spent dwelling on loneliness (if any), even when you ARE alone. You will be happier and healthier. Be sure to really live in the present and the moment when you are hanging out with family or friends. Listen to them and understand them. Be there for them. Making them happy will make you happy. It’s fun becoming a good person. We just discussed a very simple way that we can make the rest of your life one in which you lived to the fullest and helped others to the same. This is how to be happy.

How to be Happy Alone | What if I don’t get along with my family?

how to be happy alone with familyIf you have old friends or family that you no longer get along with, perhaps it’s now time to make peace of those situations. What a great way to turn an unhappy situation into something that will make more than just you happy. Sorry to give you work to do, but I just made that your goal.

Look, I know that you want to be happy, you did a search on how to be happy alone. Well, one answer is to make other people happy. Read the above paragraph if you skipped it about helping your family and friends and how incredibly happy it will make you.

How to be Happy Alone | Join a group

how to be happy alone join a groupStill don’t have anyone to hang out with? No excuse (I know, I’m strict). Join a Yoga Class or a canoe paddling group (fun!). Lean to play cards, scrabble, or mahjong. Go to school. You will end up in a study group and you will further your career. There are book clubs and stuff. The list is endless.

Again, I’m not saying you have to be busy all the time. Just a couple of times a week is good enough. People are social. Being social will make you healthy and happy. It will come naturally, too. Just join the group and a situation will come up to where you become social with other people – you’ll see. You will find yourself looking forward to next week and next year. It will foster joy and happiness.

How to be Happy Alone | Buy a pet

learn to be happy alone cute dogIf you end up living alone for an extended period of time I would also suggest a pet. Remember the character that Tom Hanks played as a person who was stranded alone on an island in the movie Castaway? He was lonely, and he turned a volleyball into a pet. He named it Wilson, which was his dentist’s name, and it ended up helping him pull out a tooth.

Anyway, you can have a better pet than a volleyball. If you are able to have a dog where you live, these make the very best pets for people who live alone. They provide structure, purpose, company, humor, love to get outdoors, and they make great walking partners. If you can’t afford the time to give so much attention, a rabbit or a cat will do.

How to be Happy Alone | Take darn good care of your lonely self

Twice a week cook yourself favorite dishes that you love to eat. Mix it up with brand new things to cook, too. Pay attention to detail. Eat without the TV or any other distractions. Preferably, eat somewhere which gives you a nice view of some sort, even if it is an urban setting. Just relax, enjoy your creation, and watch. Savor each bite. Don’t reflect, but rather live in the moment.

Make sure you buy things (as you can afford) that will improve your life at home. A new wok for Chinese Cooking. Nicer towels than the old ones that have been hanging there for so long. Put this home improvement on your schedule too. Once every week, every two weeks, or every month as your budget allows.

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Well I gave you a lot to work on, please feel free to express your situation, progress, and questions in the comments and discussion forums.

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7 thoughts on “How to be Happy Alone

  1. Happy_Gina-1969

    I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for this article and your how to be happy alone blog. I look forward to your new articles as they come out.

  2. elaine

    Sometimes there is little solution to being alone too much which leads to sadness There are situations very difficult to change. One needs energy to take actions that would change the situation. people with no family nearby , friends have moved far away….and you are severely ill and housebound with an illness of constant exhaustion…… Leaves little but connecting online with other chronically ill people… then know it is not just you……but these online “friends” cannot hug you, you cannot hear a real laugh, it is better than nothing. only a strong Christian faith that life will be good again gives hope.

  3. elaine

    I can see by all the good suggestions there are lonely people that do not need to be lonely…..the scope of what I read is very positive but impossible for someone who is severely ill from CFS.

    1. Brenda


      I can totally empathize. I also have chronic illnesses (and many CFS-like symptoms like relentless, deep fatigue). It is incredibly hard for me to leave the house on many days, even for a stroll. Just like you, I have formed online friendships (and even had my heart broken by an online boyfriend as strange as that may sound to some), only to find these connections were certainly lacking (you can never hug, go out to a movie or coffee shop, etc). I have found that it helps to get out even if just once a month, with a friend or two, and even when I have to put in an incredible effort (and sometimes even have to cancel at the last-minute). I hope life will get better for us, too.

  4. Arthur Dent

    I think this is complete rubbish. Your overlying solution to being happy alone is to not be alone? That’s rather skirting the issue, isn’t it? The only decent bit of advice was the final segment that actually answered the question.

  5. Anonymous

    Sometimes the teason we are alone is an inability to fit society’s expectations. Mental illness, personality disorders, autism, and severe physical deformities are just a few reasons why people may live their lives alone. Many times these conditions cannot be changed. It is very cruel to assume that an individual’s aloneness is always caused by his own too-high expectations.

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